ITV Border Special Report: Living with the River

The storms over the last couple of months have sparked much debate about how best to protect our communities from further flooding in the future.

There's a growing feeling that building bigger flood defences to protect what we have isn't the answer...

Hannah McNulty's been to some of The Netherlands more rural areas, to find out about the sacrifices people have made, in order to keep millions of others dry.

This is her three part special report about "Living with the River".

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WATCH: Part One of ITV Border's 'Living with the River'

As questions continue about how we can better protect our cities, towns and villages from flooding... some authorities are looking abroad for examples of best practice.

We sent our Correspondent Hannah McNulty to the Netherlands, a country hit by repeated flooding in the past, she's been looking at how it became a world leader in keeping the water out and asking whether we could learn any lessons. This is the first of her three reports about Living with the River:

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