Unknown Borderers Solider to be buried in WW1 cemetery

New Irish Farm Cemetery, Belgium Credit: Commonwealth War Graves Commission

An unknown Borderers soldier who was killed in the First World War will be buried today in a military cemetery in Belgium.

His remain were found just over two years ago along with those of another soldier in what was a battlefield near Ypres in 1915 and every effort to identify him has failed.

The only clue found with the remains was a brass shoulder title of the second battalion of the local regiment the King’s Own Scottish Borderers who lost at least 30 men there in an engagement with the Germans in April, 1915.

The Commonwealth Graves Commission decided that the remains should be buried along with those of the other unknown soldier in one grave at the war cemetery just outside Ypres.

The service will take place this afternoon involving a padre, a bugler and piper, regimental and British Embassy representatives and the local mayor.