Litter picking duo arrive in Dumfries & Galloway

Wayne and Koda. Credit: Zero Waste Scotland

A man and his dog, who are taking part in a 7,000 mile litter picking journey along the UK coast, have taken part in a clean-up in Dumfries and Galloway.

Former social worker Wayne Dixon, 44, and his faithful Northern Inuit canine companion Koda, set off from Lancashire in February.

The pair were given an official welcome to Scotland last week when they took part in a litter pick at Carrick Bay.

Children from local Gatehouse School also got involved as well as a group from the National Scenic Area volunteers.

I’ve always felt very annoyed by litter, there’s so many beautiful places around the coast and I can’t understand why people don’t take pride and try to keep the place they live clean.

One day I was so angry about the litter I saw whilst out walking that I started picking it up. After this my anger turned into empowerment and I knew then I had a real purpose for this 7000 mile journey.

– Wayne Dixon