Cordon in place as potential explosives found in Appleby

Map of area affected by investigations into unexploded Ordnance Credit: Cumbria Police

A 400m cordon is in place in Appleby after what's believed to be an explosive was discovered on Bongate early this afternoon (12th Aug)

Police have released the following information and they are asking people in some areas close to where the explosive was found to stay indoors and close doors and windows:

"Police can confirm that they are continuing to work with partners agencies and the EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) to assess the piece of Ordnance found at Bongate, Appleby found early this afternoon.

A 400m cordon has been put in place as a precautionary measure, whilst the assessment continues. This is within the pink circle on the map.

Police and partner agencies are advising that those within the 400m of Bongate, Appleby are being asked to stay indoors and keep their windows and doors closed.

Members of the public are being asked to continue to avoid the area."