Cumbria explores nuclear investment benefits

Credit: ITV Border

Cumbrian businesses have been hearing how they could benefit from being included in future developments in the nuclear industry.

A conference held in Carlisle this morning, examined how nuclear investment could benefit all of Cumbria, not just the west.

Delegates hear that businesses could have a stake in billions of pounds.

Cumbria is a nuclear county and what we've therefore got to do is make sure that we actually reap the benefits of that. There's billions of pounds coming in investment, National Grid, NuGen, existing investments from Sellafield, into Barrow in the defence industry - so there's a lot of investment coming in.

"What we've got to make sure is that the Cumbrian economy, the Cumbrian businesses and the Cumbrian people benefit from that."

– John Stevenson MP, Carlisle Conservative