International artist completes latest project with help from Cumbrian hospice

Hospice patients painted by Julia Stanton Credit: Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

An international artist has completed her latest project with the help of Penrith Day Hospice patients.

Julia Stanton, who works across Europe and America, chose Penrith for her latest challenge in which she created a series of oil paintings of the Hospice patients as part of “The Hospice Project”.

Julia has spent almost a year completing the paintings as she encouraged the patients to chat while she sketched so that each portrait could highlight the individual’s personality and movement.

“This has been a transformative and extremely rewarding project. I set up my easel in the hospice day room, and each week painted a different subject. I’ve developed a great affection for the people who come to spend the day and these portraits will be part of their legacies.

“The Penrith Hospice is a hidden treasure, a lovely friendly and welcoming place for people who are sharing real challenges, and it is staffed by the nicest group of people one can imagine in health care.”

– Julia Stanton