Lamb wearing plastic coat found in Dumfries

The stray lamb was found in Dumfries Credit: ITV Border

A stray lamb has been found by the Scottish SPCA and they are looking for the owner.

It was found wandering down Hardthorn Road in Dumfries on Friday, with purple paint its side, wearing a plastic coat.

Missing its mother: the lamb is struggling to suck from a bottle Credit: ITV Border

The lamb was found with the number 13 written with purple paint on its side and had a wee plastic coat on.

Unfortunately the lamb doesn't have an identification tag or a microchip so we're appealing to anyone who recognises it to get in touch.

It’s likely the lamb hasn’t travelled far but it’s struggling to suck the bottle so we’re desperate to find the mother.

– Sheena MacTaggart, Animal Rescue Officer