Locals invited to share views on Cumbria roads and transport

The survey aims to improve transport and highways across Cumbria Credit: Google maps

Local residents in Cumbria are being invited to share their views on the county's highways and transport services.

The survey is the largest collaboration between 112 local authorities across England and Scotland, and will be shared in order to improve nationwide services.

The questionnaire is expected to be sent to a minimum random sample of 3,300 of Cumbrian residents from Monday, 19 June. Local and national results will be published in mid-October 2017.

Providing a well managed highway and transport network is one of the council’s top priorities and we welcome feedback and comments from residents and road users.

There are clear benefits to conducting a public survey in this way. As well as providing excellent value for money, it also enables everyone involved to identify areas of best practice and spot national, regional and local trends.

This is not about producing a league table to champion one geographical area over another, it is about understanding customer views better and working together to deliver the most satisfactory yet efficient outcomes for local residents

– Stephen Hall, Cumbria County Council’s Assistant Director, Highways, Transport and Fleet