8,000 visit Cumberland Show

Sheep judging at Cumberland Show Credit: ITV
Pedigree Zwartables sheep Credit: ITV Border

Around 8,000 people have gone along to today's Cumberland Show.

It's the 179th year that the show's been held - and the first time it's been held at East Park, Brisco after spending 6 years at Carlisle Racecourse.

The good weather meant that more people than expected went along leading to long-queues of cars waiting to get into the car parks.

Organisers said it was looking like a record attendance for the show.

There were more than 600 horses, 500 sheep and more than 250 cattle being exhibited along with a food hall, agricultural stands and Cumberland wrestling.

It's one of the most popular shows in the Border region, aimed at supporting and promoting the area's agricultural industry.

Cattle judging at the show Credit: ITV Border
Winning rosettes being handed out to pedigree cows Credit: ITV Border