Dumfries pupils return to classroom but away from crisis campus

The North West Community Campus closed on Friday. Credit: ITV Border

Pupils in Dumfries have returned to the classroom but away from the crisis campus, says Dumfries and Galloway Council.

The North West Community Campus opened three weeks ago. Since then, two pupils and a member of staff have been injured in separate incidents which forced the school to close last Friday.

Dumfries and Galloway Council released this statement:

Following the closure of the North West Community Campus, our priority is continuing children’s learning in safe spaces. We want pupils and staff back in classrooms as soon as possible. The outcomes of the independent inspection are still being determined, and the Council is seeking absolute assurance that every classroom has been deemed safe.

The Council has been working on a number of contingency plans to ensure the continuity of young people’s education for the pupils in North West Community Campus. Until we have the assurance that the North West Community Campus is safe, we are putting these plans into place.

• From Wednesday, senior phase pupils will be back in classrooms and learning again: S4 pupils and teachers will be travelling to St Joseph’s College and S5 and S6 pupils and teachers will be travelling to Dumfries High School from the North West Community Campus. Travel arrangements have been put in place to transport the young people safely to these schools.

• Primary 7, S1, S2 and S3 pupils will be based in Lochside Primary School along with teaching staff from Thursday.

•Nursery and P1 to P6 will be based in St Ninian’s Primary School along with teacher and nursery staff from Thursday.- The Learning Centre and associated staff will also be based at St Ninian’s Primary from Thursday.

• Council is committed to getting the North West Community Campus open again. Decisions will be taken as appropriate once we have assurances that the facility is safe for pupils, staff and the wider community. Providing the best start in life for all our young people is a priority for the Council. Therefore, the decision to get children back into appropriate learning environments as quickly as possible is our focus.

Additional study support for senior phase pupils will be provided throughout the year.