Residents return home after methane levels rise in Workington

Pilgrim Street, Workington. Credit: Google Maps

Residents in Workington return home today after increased methane levels led to their evacuation.

The residents of Pilgrim Street, Workington, left their homes after localised levels of naturally forming methane were detected on 14th September.

Allerdale Council will continue to monitor the levels within the properties and families are advised to keep their houses ventilated. According to officers the concentration of methane has fallen to a 'negligible' level.

Due to further testing, one household on the street will not return as soon as others but they have been ensured that levels are very low.

The council have been advised by Northern Gas to monitor levels around a property in Harrington Road, Workington - a street that backs onto Pilgrim Street.

The Council has been in contact with all residents directly affected and is not advising the further evacuation of any properties on Harrington Road or the wider local area at this moment. This is because the levels of naturally occurring methane remains very localised and at low and safe level".