Carlisle MP calls for alternative Brexit option

With Parliament just a few days away from voting on Teresa May's Brexit deal, Carlisle's MP John Stevenson says he hasn't decided how to vote.

The Conservative MP voted to remain and has had a record of being a rebel and while he says he hasn't made up his mind on how he'll vote, he says he doesn't like any of the three options: reversing Brexit, a second referendum or Teresa May's plan.

"I do not think it's in the interests of Carlisle or our country for a no deal, I also do not think it would be right to have a 2nd referendum because we had one in 2016. What I've got to decide is, is Theresa May's proposals the right ones or is there a 4th alternative? And I've long been a supporter of the Norwegian option."

– John Stevenson MP, Carlisle (Conservative)