New support for Moorside nuclear plant

Local support grows for nuclear power plant plans Credit: NUGEN

A new group's been set up to promote the Moorside Nuclear power plant in West Cumbria.

Made up of four local MPs, local councils and members of the nuclear industry, it plans to lobby the Government for the multi-million pound development near Sellafield.

The project was put in doubt when its original backers,Toshiba, pulled out last year.

"We have had those reassurances today from BEIS (Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy) that they still do see Moorside as viable and as part of the future for new builds. As I've stated on many occasions it's the perfect site for large scale nuclear reactors and we believe that there is still interest from developers from around the world in developing this project."

– Elected Mayor of Copeland Mike Starkie

"The meeting with the four MPs from carlisle, from Workington and myself and John Woodcock, although he couldn't be present he is part of the partnership, and the mayor and others but collectively, we will work collaboratively to ensure that Moorside gets over the line because it's common sense."

– Trudy Harrison MP, Copeland