Harraby Fitness Trail opens in Carlisle

People of all ages and abilities are being encouraged to try out the new Harraby Fitness Trail in Carlisle.

The one kilometre circuit gives people the chance to get fit by having a go at different outdoor gym equipment and activities.

Based next to the Harrraby Community Centre, it's aimed at increasing physical activity in those aged 14 and over.

And you can forget expensive gym memberships, because this one is completely free to use.

"Just different pieces of body weight exercises that people can go around and obviously it's on a nice concrete path so anybody can use it. Disabled can access it, people with prams, buggies and there's a nice park right in the middle of it. You know I've got kids myself and it's right handy to come out here, just have a little jig about, while the kids are in the park you can see them, so we're just trying to promote that because not many people in the area know about it."

– Erika Robinson, Fitness Instructor