Victoria Bridge reopens in Kendal

Work has been ongoing to try to repair Storm Desmond's damage Credit: Cumbria County Council

Kendal's Victoria Bridge has reopened, Cumbria County Council has announced.

The bridge, often referred to locally as Batman Bridge because of its motifs, was badly damaged by Storm Desmond and is still in the process of being fully repaired.

It has closed and reopened a number of times during the works because of heavy rain undermining the bridge's supports.

It's a key part of the town's one-way system and its closure has had a huge knock-on impact on the rest of the road network.

Businesses have welcomed its return.

"Cumbria County Council would like to thank the public for their patience and thank the contractors for working so hard to open the bridge as quickly as possible."

– Spokesperson for Cumbria County Council
The concrete base in the water that the supports go into have huge holes Credit: Cumbria County Council
The road, the main A6 through Kendal, has often had to be closed Credit: ITV News Border