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BUDGET: The cost of alcohol

Bring down the price of drinking, says doctor Photo: PA

A leading doctor is calling on the government to set a minimum price for alcohol in the 2012 Budget today. Doctor Richard Vautrey has told Calendar that by putting in place a set amount; lives will be saved as it would discourage people from drinking.

In the last Budget, George Osborne announced alcohol duty rates could increase by two percent above the retail price index. It saw 4 pence added to the price of a pint of beer, 15 pence to the bottle of wine, and 54 pence to a bottle of spirit.

In October an additional duty on super-strength beers was put in place. For those over 7.5 percent alcohol volume, 25 pence was added to a can.

We asked these people in Wakefield, would they stop drinking if the price increased?

  • Alcohol is thought to be behind 33 thousand deaths in the UK a year.
  • One in three men drink too much a week.
  • One in 25 adults are dependant on alcohol.
  • 17 million working days are lost each year through alcohol.
  • Drinking too much is linked to contracting STIs.

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