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The team Credit: Calendar News

Today was a difficult ride from Creil to Arras a sum of 90 miles into a headwind. I couldn’t quite believe how cold France could be in April. It was particularly poignant cycling through the Somme battlefield with the roadside peperred with military cemetaries. It did stir memories of when I was with Jane on the Rome to Home trip in 2004.

Today Roo had a puncture and the car has been off the road since mid-morning and he is now 50 miles away marooned in Northern France. As a consequence for Peter and Siobhan they’ve been struggling to provide support to riders often 20 miles apart on the road.

You can’t adequately explain in a couple of hundred words what a support worker has to do but there day extends much longer than the cyclists. Often irrational and selfish requests are made and far too often they are snapped at like 3rd class citizens. I’ve done the job for 9 weeks in the US for Jane and know what it entails, that someone like Roo can take a weeks holiday and volunteer for this is as amazing as the team who are competing. Thanks to all the messages of support from home it’s quite humbling and in my case at least undeserved.