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Bradford: Labour leader ousted

Bradford City Council seats Photo: ITV Calendar

Bradford's Labour council leader, Ian Greenwood, has been ousted by the Respect Party candidate in the Little Horton ward as Respect took five seats in the local elections.

Following three recounts, it was finally confirmed that Alyas Karmani had won the seat, giving respect five wins out of the twelve wards they contested.

It means there is no overall control of Bradford Council. The new make up is:

  • Labour - 45 seats
  • Conservatives - 24 seats
  • Liberal Democrats - 8 seats
  • Independent - 5 seats
  • Respect Party - 5 seats
  • Green Party - 3 seats

After the result was announced, Ian Greenwood told Calendar he's 'not convinced' that George Galloway and the Respect Party can make the promises they have made to voters.