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Dog helps boy cope with autism

Sally the corgi helps Nick cope with his autism Photo: Calendar news

A mum from Leeds says the family's dog is helping her son cope better with his autism.

Nick Gilling has Asperger's syndrome and finds social situations difficult. He can struggle to strike up a conversation but all that has changed thanks to his new corgi called Sally.The pair of them are now virtually inseparable. They will play together - Nick is even trying to teach her to play cards. And When Nick wasn't keen on wearing his new school uniform he found it easier when Sally joined for the trip to class as well. They say a dog is man's best friend - and for Nick Gilling, that really seems to be true.

Nick explains how his new corgi is helping him to cope better with his autism. He says says the dog gives him more confidence when around new people.

Nick's mum Tessa says her son is coping better with his condition now they have a specially trained corgi.