Rail trespass dangers

Dramatic CCTV at Leeds station Credit: Network Rail

A mother whose son was killed on the railway is backing a new campaign to stop people trespassing.

48 people who trespassed on the railway in Yorkshire last year were involved in a near miss with a train - and half of those were in West Yorkshire.

Wendy Smith’s son Ricky was 15 when he was killed on the railway in Halton Moor, Leeds in April 1997.

“It’s always difficult talking about what happened but it needs to be done. If we can stop another person being killed and another family facing the heartache we are still going through, then it’s worth it. My message is really simple – no matter how much time you think a shortcut will save you or how much your mates are saying it’s ok do NOT go onto the railway tracks. Your safety is more important than what your mates think

Nationally, 88% of accidental trespass fatalities in the last ten years were male with around a third of them aged 18-25.