Homes flooded by cloudburst near York

Residents bale out flooded properties in Flaxton near York Credit: ITV Calendar

A number of homes have been flooded in villages north east of York after torrential rain on Saturday afternoon. North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue were called to help pump out properties in Flaxton, Haxby, and Stockton-on-the-Forest which were badly hit by the cloudburst. A handful of homes in each village were flooded. In Flaxton, the main road through the village was closed off as firecrews helped a handful of residents whose houses had been inundated.

"It was just extraordinary. The rain was just unbelievable and relentless. Unfortunately, we've have had about 4ins of rain in our house and it's gone under the floor, but many of our neighbours have suffered much more damage."

Mr O'Brien pumped out gallons of water from his house using a domestic water pump. One resident resorted to taking off his shoes and socks to wade through several inches of water blocking the village's main road.

There was also localised flooding on the A64 causing long delays between York and Malton.