*Heavy rain is causing problems right across the Calendar region this evening, with many roads closed and water flooding into homes. *

In South Yorkshire:

The fire service has had reports of flooding in the Athersley North and South and Pogmoor and Smithies areas. Fire crews are helping residents although at this stage they cannot pump water out of properties.

They have also been told of drains backing up in the Middlewood, Oughtibridge and Wadsley areas of Sheffield; in Hillsborough there were reports of water coming up through the ground and flooding cellars.

In North Yorkshire:

The fire service is dealing with calls on Yarborough Way and Church Way in York as well as on York Road in Boroughbridge. It follows problems yesterday in Flaxton and Stockton-on-the-Forest.

Sunday evening report on Flaxton flooding below.

In West Yorkshire:

Emergency services received calls reporting flash flooding in East Leeds. Fire officers are pumping water away from homes in Swillington, Garforth and Althorp.

More information from the Met Office here

The latest weather forecast from Calendar below.