Flood scheme seeks approval

Protection: Flood defences planned for Northallerton Credit: ITV Calendar

The proposed £2 million scheme will reduce the risk of flooding to 292 homes and businesses in the town, and construction work will start this autumn, subject to planning approval.

The Environment Agency has amended part of its original plans to protect an additional 80 properties from flooding from Sun and Turker becks.

And urgent repairs to culverts in the town centre have been ongoing for several weeks ahead of the main scheme.

The culverts are not the responsibility of the Environment Agency but engineers held talks with the owners to ensure that the work could be completed as part of the wider Northallerton Flood Alleviation Scheme.

The plans have been subject to a long period of public consultation in the area and the community’s views have been taken into account as part of the proposals.

The work will include channel improvements in both the Sun and Turker becks to increase water flow capacity - and the installation of hydraulic control measures to reduce the risk of flooding further downstream.

The Environment Agency is also proposing the construction of storage areas on both watercourses. These will use natural topography to avoid the need for building large and obtrusive banks.