Employers gloomy about hiring

Companies are unlikely to take on more staff Credit: Calendar

There is a negative feeling among employers across the region about the likelihood of taking on more staff.

A survey carried out by recruitment firm Manpower shows that the outlook has fallen by 2%, after being positive for several quarters.

The survey has looked at whether employers intend to hire additional workers or reduce the size of their workforce in the coming economic quarter.

It is not surprising to see sentiment in Yorkshire drop. We are seeing real competition for the best candidates and people need to work hard to boost their skills. One problem is that there is no liquidity in the Yorkshire employment market. Candidates are thinking twice before leaving their current roles and we are also seeing a number of candidates pulling out of interviews at the last minute. It is important to emphasise that there are still jobs out there. In fact in some areas we are struggling to recruit. We are always on the lookout for talented people who want jobs in Sales.