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West Yorkshire police aim to stamp out domestic violence

West Yorkshire police campaign Photo: West Yorkshire Police

Reformed offenders in West Yorkshire at working with the police and probation trust to lauch a new campaign against domestic violence during the Euro 2012 games.

The men have contributed to a powerful video and features interviews in which they warn others of how being violent towards their partners negatively affected their lives.

"The hardest part about it was not getting to see my children and that affected me the most. It was really bad then."

– Former offender

The men also talk about how it is possible for those who are violent to change and learn control.

The video is being accompanied by social networking activity and the distribution of leaflets and posters across West Yorkshire during the tournament advising of the consequences of domestic violence offending.

These could include prison terms for violent offences, loss of access to children, loss of access to social housing, the break up of relationships, bans from pubs for fighting and much more.

Meanwhile, victims will be made aware of the help that is available through the Police, charities and help lines, and that any abuse from a partner or in a domestic setting should not be tolerated.

“We are pleased to be able to contribute towards this campaign with interviews from men who have inflicted domestic abuse in the past, but after successfully completing one of our treatment programmes, have made changes in their lives and are able to talk about the harm they have done and deter others from committing offences."

– Neil Moloney - Head of Leeds Probation

Assistant Chief Constable Geoff Dodd of West Yorkshire Police, added: "This video is a powerful recording and makes quite plain the life changing and entirely negative impact domestic abuse can have on a whole family, including the aggressor.

"We hear how these men have lost access to children and left their whole families in fear through their actions, which it is clear they now very much regret. West Yorkshire Police will not tolerate domestic violence and will prosecute offenders to the limits of the law to protect victims."

Anyone who is a victim of any form of domestic violence should contact the Police; either on 101 if it is to report an incident which has taken place, or if you are in immediate danger, on 999.