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Euro blog: fans in Leeds watch the England match

Football fans in Leeds Photo: Tom

While it wasn’t the most glamorous of performances, we arethere. England are through as group winners for the first time that I canremember in my lifetime.

The Oak Pub in Headingley was our choice of venue to watch thegame. The edition of the supersize screen and bbq, gave a real summer feel tothe place.

Arriving there at seven we thought we would comfortably geta seat in the outdoor beer garden for the game. But we had to do with a seat onthe edge of the garden. The game itself was in typical Hodgson fashion,disciplined yet decisive.

The mood of the fourhundred or so fans in the beer garden was clearly one behind England, but neverover the top (bar the beer cans that flew in the air with the Rooney tap in.) Perhaps that is exactly why the tournament has gone well for us so far - we arenot expecting the team to set the Euros alight, and themanager has created a more toned down atmosphere around the camp.

I, along with the rest of the crowd that gathered at the pubin Headingley walked away satisfied and content with the professional performanceof the team. There was no jubilation at the final whistle, the memories of theBeckham penalty miss in Lisbon 2004, and the Wally with the brolley at Wembleyin 2007 are still clear in everyone’s minds. However, come Sunday evening Ithink football fever in the country could be cracked up a couple of notches.

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