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England fans left disappointed after Euro defeat

Euro blogger Jonathan supporting England Photo: Calendar

I just need to calm down to be honest. Yes, I know we lost and didn’t play that great but, that was a long day followed by a very stressful last 45 minutes.

I started the day by going to the fanzone and soaking up the atmosphere. That didn’t really go to plan at first as the usual local entertainment wasn’t quite as exciting as it probably needed to be. Nevertheless, we bought a couple of drinks, did some people watching and then went for some lunch. It was a pretty standard lunch but I’ve now figured out why the Ukrainians are so thin. The meal sizes. My lunch was served on a side plate, although very tasteful and smelt good, I did wonder if the second half was going to come out later.

After lunch we went back into the fanzone. In the distance you could hear a faint noise - well it wasn’t that faint, I guess standing next to a speaker probably didn’t do my ears any good. As we re-entered, we walked past the “Swedish Corner”. This wasn’t a Swedish corner any more as it was full of England fans! Flags, wigs, blow up planes and mini Shreks were being waved about while a DJ was playing England songs. Without fail, every word from every song was sung by the majority of the England supporters - and if there wasn’t a song playing the fans would sing one.

Euro blogger Jon in the Kiev fanzone Credit: Calendar

We headed towards the stadium, which isn’t that far from the fanzone, where we were asked for pictures from locals and other fans.

We watched the match and the one thing that stood out more than anything tonight has got to be the England fans. They were fantastic, I love being right in the middle of it all but, this time I had to watch them from a far. Not only were they loud and clear, they sang the full 90 minutes and then the whole way through extra time. At one point, they weren’t even bothered that Italy had a goal disallowed. To be honest I don’t think they even noticed. They were jumping up and down, clapping and singing all in sync. It was magnificent to watch.

No, we didn’t win the game but, well done England fans you all sung your hearts out tonight.

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