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England fans seen 'subdued' at Euro 2012 final

Hundreds turn out to watch the game on the big screen Photo: Calendar

The Euro 2012 final between Italy and Spain was shown on thebig screen at Millennium square.

The few England fans that were present seemed a little subdued,seeing this final as a missed opportunity for England to be a part of.

Soon before kick-off a number of restaurants and barsstarted to empty, with many fans sitting down on the floor in Millennium Square,after all the chairs had been taken by fans that had turned up early for thematch.

Fans in Leeds watching the game Credit: Calendar
Fans in Leeds Credit: Calendar

In the square there were about 120 Spanish fans to the 80 Italian fans and it helped create a harmonious and good natured atmosphere during the pre-match build up.

The Spanish fans who attended the game created a great atmosphere, by singing a number of songs and dancing, while the Italian fans that had turned up were calm cool and collected and just enjoyed the atmosphere.

Although there were sunny skies present, it was deceivingly chilly with a slight breeze although that didn’t dampen spirits.

The only real sour note was confusion about the designated drinking areas in the square, which seemed to cause a lot of confusion and plenty of debate, although the issue was resolved when the area was extended.

Just before kick-off about 500 fans were in the square anticipating a great final, whatever the result once again football has brought different nationalities together and helped to create a great atmosphere.

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