Residents whose homes were flooded by flooding in Goole will meet with councillors and Yorkshire Water officials today.

Some councillors are expected to call for compensation at the East Riding Council cabinet meeting in Beverley tonight.

Following storms on Thursday and Friday two weeks ago, large swathes of Goole, Howden and Swinefleet were left submerged.

It has since been confirmed that six out of seven Yorkshire Water pumps at the Carr Lane Pumping Station, in Goole, were out of action for part of the time, after being damaged in the torrent.

At the Cabinet meeting at County Hall in Beverley, the following motion will be tabled: “That this Council, following the devastating floods in Goole and surrounding villages, resolves to use all its methods of persuasion to encourage Yorkshire Water to compensate the flood victims.”

Goole MP Andrew Percy is also meeting with Yorkshire Water officials this afternoon meeting to see work being carried out on a study aimed at building a greater understanding of how Goole's drainage and sewage systems work.

85 "flow monitors" are being installed in sewer network across the town, alongside more than a dozen "depth gauges", which will measure the volume, depth and velocity of water flowing through the system during different weather conditions.

Data from all of these will help to build up an accurate picture of how different weather events impact on the underground system and identify any potential future weaknesses in the drainage and sewerage system.

Homes and businesses in the town were also evacuated when two weeks' worth of rain fell in a few hours in August last year.