'Pork Minster' pie marks Yorkshire Day

The Pork Minster Pie

It's Yorkshire Day tomorrow - and one farm shop in West Yorkshire is marking it with a brand new pork pie - shaped like York Minster.

Hinchcliffe Farm Shop, near Huddersfield, made the giant pork pie to show they are proud to be in Yorkshire, and to raise money for the York Minster Fund. ** **

Hinchliffe's will be taking the 'Pork Minster' up to the real York Minster for people to sample today.

Background to Yorkshire Day

Yorkshire Day is celebrated on August 1 to promote the county. It was first celebrated in 1975, by the Yorkshire Ridings Society, initially in Beverley. It was described a a "protest movement against the local Government re-organisation of 1974", which created two-tier councils. The date also alluded to the the anniversary of the emancipation of slaves in 1834 - for which Yorkshire MP William Wilberforce had campaigned.

Each year, on Yorkshire day, members of the Yorkshire Ridings Society read a declaration of the integrity of Yorkshire at four of the Bars of York.

A reading is held facing into each of the three ridings and into the city. In recent years a reading has been held in the city centre, too.

It is read as follows:

"I, (name), being a resident of the [West/North/East] Riding of Yorkshire [or City of York] declare:

That Yorkshire is three Ridings and the City of York, with these Boundaries of 1134 years standing;

That the address of all places in these Ridings is Yorkshire;

That all persons born therein or resident therein and loyal to the Ridings are Yorkshiremen and women;

That any person or corporate body which deliberately ignores or denies the aforementioned shall forfeit all claim to Yorkshire status.

These declarations made this Yorkshire Day [year]. God Save the Queen!”

Timings for the readings are:

Walmgate Bar 10:45

Micklegate Bar 11:37

Bootham Bar 12:20

Monk Bar 12:45

Parliament Street 1:00

Other events

Redcar Reading of Declaration at Redcar Clock Tower (Town Centre) at 11:37am.

Members of the Yorkshire Ridings Society in the North Riding will be reading the declaration at 11:37am. They will be organising other events the following weekend.

Also in York there is a Yorkshire market in Parliament Street.

And York's Sweet Story are launching four new flavours of chocolate - Yorkshire Blue, white chocolate and rhubarb, tea and fruitcake and Wensleydale cheese and apple.

In Scarborough a five day Yorkshire Festival begins with the annual procession of Civic Heads.

Thousands of youngsters will be entertained at a giant, free fun day in Featherstone.

Wentbridge House Hotel in Pontefract is hosting a Yorkshire Day Festival, raising money for local charities.