Oliver Milner who is twenty seven says he can finally afford to buy his first house after scooping nearly two million pounds on the Euromillions lottery. Oliver who is from Hull won the top prize after matching five numbers and one lucky star in the draw on August 10. He said he only bought the ticket at the last minute because there was a queue at the till and just made the 7.30pm deadline.

"I was in shock. It's what dreams are made of. I asked my mum to check and she thought I was joking. I am still in shock now."

At the press conference where his win was announced to the media Oliver was sat next to his mum Dianne Walker.

"It's every parent's dream to know that their children are financially secure for the rest of their lives. I'm delighted. And at last he's moving out."

The singleton from Hessle has resigned from his job as a customer service advisor and has plans to celebrate his win by buying luxury cars and taking family on holiday.