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5 years since Doncaster teen went missing

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Five years after a Doncaster teenager went missing there is still no sign of what may have happened to him.

Andrew Gosden, who was then 14, went missing from his home in Balby, Doncaster. He has not been seen since that Friday morning, despite being captured on CCTV at Kings Cross train station in London.

He withdrew £200 from his bank account before getting on the 9:35am GNER service to London. After getting on the train it is not known where he went.

Despite hundreds of potential sightings across the UK, when they were investigated none were Andrew.

Detectives have spoken to Andrew’s family, friends and school, **investigated and circulated Andrew’s DNA, fingerprints and dental and health records to appropriate agencies and organisations.

Police have also looked into the lens manufacturers for Andrew’s optician’s prescription to try to identify anyone requesting similar prescriptions. Enquiries have been made with the passport office and National Insurance records for any applications for documents and age progressed images of Andrew were produced to enable circulations of what Andrew may look like as he grew up and changed over the years

I am appealing specifically for people to come forward if they think they know a 19-year-old man that could be Andrew. This maybe his new friends, neighbours or work mates who have known the teenager for a short time, but aren’t aware of his past beyond the last few years.

I am interested to hear from any professionals, doctors, dentists, hospital staff who may have treated a 19-year-old man who has no records going back beyond the last five years.

I’d also like to make a personal appeal to Andrew as an adult. Andrew please contact us confidentially, so we can reassure your family that you are safe and well.

Anyone who thinks they know Andrew and Andrew himself is urged to call South Yorkshire Police 101quoting incident number 506 of 13 September 2012 or call Missing People on 116 000.”

– Detective Superintendent Lisa Ray, South Yorkshire Police
What Andrew may look like