Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership are re-launching their 2Fast2Soon programme that has been responsible for dramatically reducing the number of deaths amongst 17-24 year olds on Lincolnshire's roads.

In the four years that 2Fast2Soon has been running the death toll in this age group has been reduced by 50%.

Students experience a theatre production telling the story about one crash. Whilst some actors are used most of the cast are real victims and real members of the emergency services who witness the tragedies on the roads on an almost daily basis.

How does the programme work?

  • Workshop asking students to highlight potential dangers.

  • Students asked to talk about what they have learnt from the production.

  • Students take part in a skid stimulator to highlight dangers on the roads.

2Fast2Soon was recognised internationally with the Prince Michael of Kent award for Road Safety in 2010 and continues this year carrying endorsements by Sir Bob Geldorf and Nigel Mansell CBE.

The first show: Monday 17th September, Terry O'Toole Theatre, North Hykeham. 2pm.