The Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu will dedicate a new bell at All Saints Church, in Roos, East Yorkshire. Archbishop Sentamu will lead a service of Thanksgiving and Dedication after a new treble bells has been introduced to the church, and the five existing bells restored and rehung.

The whole community in Roos worked together to raise money for the project. The Roos Bells Appeal was launched in November 2010 and £47,000 was raised.

Bell ringing at All Saints, Roos Credit: ITV Yorkshire

We're delighted that Archbishop Sentamu is coming to visit our bells, and we've been practising our ringing in preparation for his visit. Three of our old bells date back to the 17th century, and the remaining two were cast in 1911. One hundred years later, it became apparent that the bearings and other fittings were worn out and that drastic action was needed if the bells were not to fall silent. Given that Roos has an active and enthusiastic band of local ringers, the decision was made to add an extra bell at the same time. "The new bell was cast in November by J Taylor & Co, the company that made the 1911 bells, so there's a real sense of continuity with the past. We had to raise £47,000 in a year to restore the old bells and cast the new one - never in a million years did I think we would have raised this in a year!** ** "The bells are much appreciated in Roos. It's a small rural community and the appeal received tremendous support. The money was raised by various fund raising events, grant awards and private donations. People have been generous financially, but the practical help we have received has been amazing. The fund raising events we held pulled together sections of the community who maybe wouldn't otherwise have got involved."