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Nick Clegg closes Lib Dem conference

The Liberal Democrat Leader spoke to activists in Brighton. Photo: PA Wire

Nick Clegg has warned Liberal Democrats of more tough times ahead as he put them on a war footing before the 2015 general election.

The Sheffield Hallam MP closed his party’s autumn conference in Brighton with a keynote speech in which he told activists that "nothing worthwhile can be won without a battle".

But the Deputy Prime Minister said that proving his party could manage the economy better than Labour and more fairly than the Tories would reap electoral reward.

He also:

  • Pledged to block any Tory bid to further reduce the top rate of income tax, following controversy over his acceptance of a cut from 50p to 45p,
  • Reiterated his determination to ensure the rich shoulder the burden of an additional £16 billion of public spending cuts expected in 2015/16,
  • Acknowledged the need to make further public spending cuts after the next election,
  • Vowed to fight "short-sighted" Conservative opposition to green policies,
  • Announced a £50 million-a-year "catch-up premium" for extra tuition for pupils failing to make the grade in English and maths.
Nick Clegg's speech lasted 38 minutes. Credit: PA Wire

The speech actually emphasised what we all need to focus on. Letting people know out there all the positive actions that we, as a party in Government, are doing in coalition.

– Councillor Stewart Golton (Lib Dem, Rothwell)

The truth is that they have betrayed the people who voted for them and far from being a brake on the Tories, they are their accomplices.

– HARRIET HARMAN MP, Deputy Leader of the Labour Party

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