Culture Secretary "is not pre-judging" Savile inquiry

Jimmy Savile Credit: PA

The Culture Secretary has insisted she is "not pre-judging" a BBC inquiry into the Jimmy Savile allegations.

Maria Miller told MPs in the House of Commons that the "Newsnight" programme carrying the allegations against Sir Jimmy Savile was "inappropriately pulled" by the BBC.

But she has since tweeted:

Her Department has also clarified that her statement referred to "allegations with regards to the item on Savile which was inappropriately pulled from Newsnight.”

A spokesperson added that the Secretary of State "does not have any detailed knowledge of the Newsnight programme nor on the decision to pull it".

The Secretary of State has not prejudged the outcome of the BBC’s investigation into the pulling of a Newsnight item about Savile. As the Secretary of State made clear in the House, it is for the BBC, not ministers, to investigate these allegations.