Sighting of prisoner on the run

Ivan Leach is also known as Lee Cyrus Credit: Nottinghamshire Police

A man on the run from a prison in Lincolnshire has been spotted on CCTV in Nottingham.

47-year-old Ivan Leach, who is also known as Lee Cyrus, went missing from North Sea Camp open prison in Boston on 9 October. Police forces from across England and Scotland have been looking for him.

Posters have been put up on buses, in shops, community centres, hospitals and in bus and train stations.

The latest pictures show Leach at a Barclay's Bank cash machine in Nottingham city centre on Saturday October 20. Police have received more than 100 possible sightings.

This CCTV shows Leach in a busy city centre on a Saturday morning carrying what appears to be a sleeping bag and stopping to withdraw money at an ATM. I’m sure a number of people will have seen him and while his appearance may have changed, I would appeal for anyone who thinks they have seen Leach or who has any information on his whereabouts to get in touch with us.

The CCTV appears to show Leach has grown a beard and a moustache and people should be aware that he may change his appearance to evade capture. In the footage he is wearing a dark three-quarter length jacket, dark trousers and dark shoes.

He is known to have been in the city on a number of occasions since he absconded, but he could be anywhere in the country. Enquiries are also ongoing in Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire and Tayside.

Officers have warned Leach should not, under any circumstances, be approached as he poses a significant risk.

We are liaising with a number of other forces across England and Scotland and have a huge number of resources dedicated to tracking him down and apprehend him but we need the public’s help. I want to reassure people that we follow up every potential sighting of him so I’d urge people to call police if you think you see him or know of his current whereabouts. I would also like to warn anyone who may be harbouring him that if they know where he is, and they fail to notify police, action will be taken against them. At the same time I would appeal directly to Leach, wherever he is, to hand himself in. Police forces across the UK are alert to the fact that has absconded and given the publicity of the past two weeks, his face is now well known within communities across England and Scotland. He should do the right thing and give himself up.

Leach is described as white; around five feet 11 inches tall, of stocky build with cropped hair and hazel eyes. His has a distinctive scar on his top lip under his nose and two distinctive tattoos, one with the name ‘Annette’ on the bicep of his left arm and a figure of a barbarian woman on the back of his right shoulder blade.

Anyone with any information in England is asked to contact the police.