Auction of historical artefacts supports West Yorkshire monastery

Regency jewellery: a set of peridots - green gems set in gold - in a necklace, two bracelets, earrings and brooches in their original box

Hundreds of historical artefacts are going under the hammer at an auction to restore an ancient Anglican monastery in West Yorkshire. Monks from The Community of the Resurrection are in urgent need of funds to pay for repairs at the monastery in Mirfield. They hope the unusual treasures from across the centuries will boost the funds of their appeal which aims to raise £2.3 million. Among the items up for auction are:

  • jewels and a letter from George Prince Regent

  • a dinner suit worn by Sir Patrick Stewart in a production of Hamlet

  • an autographed photo of Princess Mary

  • a medieval sword

One of the most unique items for sale is a set of peridots, green gems set in gold - a necklace, two bracelets, earrings and five brooches - in their orignal box. These are accompanied by a letter written by an equerry and signed by George Prince Regent. The letter asks a Lady Charlotte Cotes to accept the jewels and wear them at the wedding of his daughter Princess Charlotte to Prince Leopald of the Belgians in 1816. The item was donated by the Hon. Denise Orange, a relative of one of the members of the Community, in whose family it has been an heirloom.

The Community of the Resurrection opened in 1898. It sees a large number of visitors from across the world every year. The monastery welcomes visitors to share the life of the monks and the practical tasks that they undertake.