People in Mansfield are trying to increase people's understanding of domestic violence as the town bids to become a White Ribbon Authority by February 2013. The Award is given to local councils demonstrating their commitment to ending male violence against women.

On average the police receive 49 reports of domestic violence across Mansfield every week. It is a crime which is under reported and many people will experience abuse for a long time before having the confidence to tell someone. Most victims are women, but it also affects men and is often witnessed by children.

The Council is making a £500 donation to local women's domestic violence support charities.

Domestic abuse can often be a hidden problem, a crime that takes place behind closed doors, but it is estimated that as many as one in four women and one in six men are affected by domestic violence. By standing together to show that domestic abuse, in any form, is not acceptable, we are giving victims and perpetrators the courage to stop the cycle and seek help. We are particularly keen to get local businesses on board as domestic violence can impact on employees, which in turn affects business costs, productivity and workplace safety. By actively supporting this campaign, local businesses would be sending out a powerful message that recognises the importance of the issue.