100 arrests in drink drive campaign

A driver undergoing a field impairment test for drugs

100 drivers were arrested for drink or drug related offences in Lincolnshire in December.

The arrests were made during a Christmas campaign, during which police officers handed out leaflets and asked drivers to do roadside breath and drug tests - or field impairment checks (FIT) which will gives an indication of whether a drivers has taken drugs.

In the first three days of the campaign eight people were arrested, and during the month-long campaign this averaged out to three people per day.

These 100 people now face court cases, a potential driving ban, a fine, and the offence remaining on their license for 11 years.

Nationally, 25 per cent of all road death involves the driver being under the influence of alcohol and 2011 saw the first increase in drink drive collisions since 2002. One in seven of road deaths involved drink drivers over the alcohol limit. 1,290 serious injuries occurred when someone was over the drink drive limit.