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Domestic violence: one report every 15 minutes in West Yorkshire

Domestic violence has risen across West Yorkshire Photo:

It's been revealed West Yorkshire Police get one call every 15 minutes from victims of domestic violence.

The number of reports of domestic abuse has increased over the last three years, with more than 37,300 reports of domestic violence recorded by the force in the past year. More than a third of the victims are from Leeds.

There are fears there could be even more victims, as crimes of this nature often go unreported.

Police receive on average between 30 and 50 reports of domestic violence every day in Leeds and some of those calls are from the same victims.

Over the last year 1,750 reports of domestic violence in Leeds have come from male victims and police say the majority of those are from same sex partnerships.

Useful numbers:

24hr National Domestic Violence helpline: 0808 2000 247

Leeds Domestic Violence Services: 0113 246 0401

Mankind: 01823 334244 or