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Exclusive: Face of a killer

Stephen Sleaford, 38, has been convicted of stabbing a polish factory worker to death in Boston. Photo: ITV Calendar

Stephen Sleaford stabbed a Polish man to death in Boston in September 2011. During his trial, he tried to convince the jury that he was simply trying to disarm his victim, who he says was molesting a woman. Today, the jury failed to accept his claims, and found him guilty of murder, and he's been jailed for life, to serve at least 23 years. Calendar has obtained these exclusive pictures of the killer, who tried to pass himself off as a good samaritan.

Stephen Sleaford, 38, from Boston Credit: ITV Calendar
38 year old Sleaford claimed he was simply acting as a good samaritan before he killed his victim in Boston Credit: ITV Calendar
Stephen Sleaford has been given a life sentence for stabbing a Polish factory worker to death in Boston Credit: ITV Calendar

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