MPs from the region have clashed in the Commons over calls to allow 16 and 17-year-olds to vote.

Leeds North East MP Fabian Hamilton was among those who backed the move. He told the Commons that 16-year-olds are "mature enough, bright enough and educated enough" make a judgement.

And John Healey, the Labour MP for Wentworth and Dearne, claimed evidence from other countries suggested they were "just as capable as adults" of making a decision.

But the Conservative MP for Shipley Philip Davies dismissed the campaign as a "pathetic" attempt for MPs to appear "trendy" to win over young voters.

Barry Sheerman, the MP for Huddersfield, told the Commons he had changed his mind on the issue. The Labour MP said he had previously supported the proposal, but changed his mind after serving as Chairman of the Education Select Committee.

Constitutional Reform Minister Chloe Smith said there were "good arguments" but she was "not persuaded of the merits of a change".

The motion was passed by 119 votes to 46, a majority of 73, but it is not binding.

Prime Minister David Cameron's official spokesman said the Government had "no plans whatsoever to change the voting age".