Bassetlaw Inquiry into drugs reopens today

The Bassetlaw Inquiry in 2002 discovered heroin addicts were not getting the treatment they need. Credit: Credit: ITV News

An inquiry into the effects of drug use in Bassetlaw begins today. It follows an inquiry in 2002 led by MP John Mann, who discovered heroin addicts were not getting the treatment they need.

It also uncovered that families of addicts were living haphazard lifestyles, their grandparents and family members living in fear of burglary and an increasing number of deaths from overdoses.

Now, the inquiry is being re-opened to consider not just current heroin abuse in the area but to also look at the issues of alcohol abuse and the use of "legal highs" such as MCAT.

The inquiry will meet over two days on January 31 and February 1 in the Assembly Rooms at Bassetlaw District Council in Worksop between 10am-5pm both days.

The Panel members are John Mann MP, Bassetlaw Council Leader Simon Greaves, Cllr Josie Potts, Mansfield Chad editor Tracy Powell and Revd Mark Pengelly. Most of these people formed the original Panel in 2002.

"Action needed to be taken and the Inquiry in 2002 led to a significant transformation with access to treatment being the conduit for change. In 2013 we want to re-visit, see where we are today, find out what is the current impact of drug and alcohol abuse on Bassetlaw and are there recommendations that can be made for the future."