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From the Heart launch Photo: ITV news

Today we are launching an exciting new campaign to help save thousands of lives and we want your help. Every day three people will die waiting for a transplant, due to the desperate shortage of donor organs. There are currently ten thousand people waiting for a transplant and none of them know whether they will get the call in time - life is a lottery on the transplant list and we want to try and change it.

All this week we will be looking at the issue and meeting some of the people waiting on the list. People like Liz Phillips and her daughter jade. Thirteen years ago, when Liz's husband Rick died, she agreed to donate his organs, knowing that is what he wanted. He went on to save at least four lives, including two children. Now this family, who live in Retford, need someone to help them. Jade has a life-threatening liver condition and she herself will eventually need a transplant.

Mum and daughter - Liz and Jade Phillips Credit: Calendar news
Life saver - Rick Phillips Credit: family photo

We'll also be talking to Emma Moss from Sheffield. She had spoken to her mother, Linda Craig, about her wishes - and when Linda suffered a brain haemorrhage, the family followed her wishes and donated her organs. She saved at least one life and helped two children to see.

Linda Craig - she gave children the gift of sight Credit: family photo

But to make a real difference we need your support - if you wish to donate your organs and you want more information, go to

And tune in tonight at 6pm.

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