Bridge Board Bill moves a step closer

The Humber Bridge Credit: ITV Yorkshire

Local tax-payers will have a greater say over the running of the Humber Bridge, the Government has said as legislation moved a step closer to give a new board the power to set toll fees.

The Humber Bridge Bill will allow a new board, consisting of a councillor from each of the four surrounding local authorities, to set the levy for crossing the bridge.

A change to the structure in the way the bridge is paid for has already seen the fee for cars fall from £3 to £1.50, which has resulted in a rise of more than 9% in the amount of traffic using the bridge.

Meanwhile, MPs heard those crossing the bridge regularly for medical treatment could soon be exempt from the toll.

Speaking as the Bill received its second reading in the Commons, Transport Minister Norman Baker said the Government will no longer be involved in setting the level of the tolls for the bridge.