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Prolific burglar back behind bars

Christopher Lock (20) formerly of Fairfield Crescent, Bramley was sentenced to three and a half years after pleading guilty to burglary offences on the first day of his trial at Leeds Crown Court. Lock's latest conviction follows a burgarly on Kellett Road in Wortley in November last year, just 10 days after he was released on licence from prison for other burglary offences. Among messages found on Lock's phone was a reference to doing a bit of "graft'- a street term for going out to commit burglary and saying he sold a stolen car for an eighth - an expression often used to describe an eighth of an ounce of drugs. The court heard Lock had stolen a Honda Civic car and a laptop from the property.

"Christopher Lock is a career criminal who, despite being offered the same opportunity as others to turn their life around after leaving prison, refuses to engage with the number of agencies there to support him.

Following his latest prison release he refused to meet his probation officer and quickly returned to a life of crime.

Reducing burglary is priority, and through our close monitoring of those known to be involved in this type of crime, we were able to quickly identify and arrest Lock, who went onto provide us with a series of helpful text messages. These played a significant part in the strong prosecution case brought against him and undoubtedly resulted in Lock's guilty plea on the first day of his trial."

– Detective Sergeant Mick Casey, West Yorkshire Police