17th June 2010 - Parents of children who have undergone surgery round-up support for the Leeds Heart Unit, following a review of services across the country.

16th February 2011 - More details are released about the potential closure of the site. It is revealed operations would stop and young patients would have to travel hundreds of miles for operations.

28th February 2011 - A campaign is launched to save the heart surgery. More details about that campaign and their work here.

9th March 2011 - 18 thousand people have already added their support to save the unit. Health professionals tell government experts how - if the site closes - desperately ill young patients would have to travel hundreds of miles for operations.

15th March 2011 - The campaign to save the unit gathered pace with a public meeting in Sheffield to find out the strength of feeling there.

30th March 2011 - David Cameron is called upon to help. The issue of closing the Leeds Heart Unit is raised during Prime Minister's questions.

30th April 2011 - At this stage, more than a quarter of a million people signed a petition against the closure of the unit.

Surgeons carrying out an operation Credit: Calendar

17th May 2011 - ITV Calendar was given access to the heart unit to see the work they do. Our cameras filmed a life saving operation on one young patient.

21st June 2011 - Campaigners make the trip to Downing Street to speak with ministers there about the closure. They put their case across to keep surgery in Leeds.

23rd June 2011 - Just days later, a backbench debate on the potential closure took place.29th June 2011 - Campaigners have written to health ministers asking them to re-think the plans, claiming lives would be put at risk if the unit closes.

26th July 2011 - LGI hits back at claims some of the operations carried out at the heart unit may not be safe. A charity asked a healthcare watchdog for 'reassurances' over what it claims are fears about high death rates linked to surgery.

22nd September 2011 - Half a million people have now added their name to a petition to keep the site open. A debate on the issue was held in Leeds.

11th October 2011 - An influential committee says children and families will be "disproportionately disadvantaged" if the Leeds heart unit is closed down.

Campaigners in London speak to our reporter Ben Erlam Credit: Calendar

2nd November 2011 - Families meet with the Health Minister in London to put their point across, calling the site to stay open.

23rd January 2012 - We were told to expect the announcement at Christmas, it has now been put back until Easter.

19th April 2012 - The consultation process was given the all clear by the High Court in London. It was a blow to campaigners who want to keep the unit at Leeds General Infirmary.

4th July 2012 - Decision is made to end Children's heart surgery at LGI.

23rd July 2012 - Campaigners take to streets to fight decision.

Doctors carrying out an operation Credit: PA

23rd October 2012 - Health Secretary orders review.

8th February 2013 - Decision moves to the high court.

7th March 2013 - Campaigners have won a High Court challenge over proposed changes to children's heart surgery services in England.