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BT issues statement after hundreds are left without phone or internet

BT have issued a statement after hundreds of residents in Lincolnshire have been left without phone or internet access for a week. It could be several more days before they're switched back on.

BT, who are replacing stolen underground cabling in the village of Eagle, say around 200 properties have reported faults since last Tuesday. Businesses say the situation has been a nightmare - leaving them without email, and unable to contact customers.

We have suffered cuts and theft of cabling which is affecting some services at the moment which has been reported to the police. Engineers have been onsite pulling in replacement cabling and then carrying out works to reconnect those affected back into service. We have had around 200 reported faults from residents associated with this incident.

We have now restored services to just over two third of those affected, and this will grow as works gradually progress. We are hoping to have got all lines back and working at some point during Thursday.

Unfortunately we encountered a number of engineering challenges during the repair – (due to the location of the damage – on the bend of a remote lane – and due to limited space underground) we will continue as quickly as we can to complete the job.

We would appeal to local residents to be vigilant and report any suspicious behaviour in or around street cabinets or manhole covers immediately. A BT partnership with Crimestoppers offers up to £1,000 reward for information leading to arrests and subsequent successful convictions. People can call anonymously and free on 0800 555 111.

– BT statement