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Hull comedian Norman Collier dies

Norman Collier in his heyday Photo:

Norman Collier, the comedian from Hull best known for his 'faulty microphone' routine, has died at the age of 87.

He died last night at a care home in the city after a six-year battle with Parkinson's Disease.

A star of the club circuit from the 60s to the 80s, Norman was also well known for his chicken impressions.

His son-in-law John Ainsley, who is married to his daughter Karen, said: "He was a wonderful man and we adored him with all our hearts. Whatever he was on on stage he was the same off stage.

"All the family were close to him. We went on holiday together. He started life in as a labourer in Hull with no ambition or desire to be on stage. He just wanted to make people laugh.

"All he wanted was to make people laugh and his work took him to Australia, the Bahamas, America.

"This was a humble man who never changed his roots, he was proud of the city, never moved out of the city.

"He viewed the world with the philosophy that he saw the funny side of life on and off stage. It was a joy and an honour and a privilege to share his company and that's what everyone thought about him.

"His genius on stage was how he saw life and his act was how he saw life. He was always hilarious, even in his last few days with us he was still making us laugh.

"His family adored his company with all their hearts."

Norman during his last interview with Calendar, to celebrate his 85th birthday